For over 100 hundred years Mt. Carmel Football has been synonymous with words like pride, tradition, dedication, winning, and heart.  These words and many others have been used to describe a program that has become the winningest football program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  I would like to add one more word to describe this tradition rich program, and that word is essence.

In philosophy essence is defined as a property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or be what it is.  Wikipedia defines essence as the attribute or set of attributes that make an entity or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity.  Both of these definitions could be used to describe Mt. Carmel Area Football players and the community who support high school football in this blue collar coal town in Northeast Pennsylvania.  We are the essence of football distilled over a 122 year history into 32 young men and 7 varsity coaches this football season.

Some say our enrollment numbers are down, and the student athletes just aren’t coming out this year.  Well these 30 or so kids represent the essence of a storied tradition that will be embodied by them this year.  These boys have all the attributes and properties that creates a singular identity which they will carry with them into every aspect of their future lives.

The season ahead may be a difficult one for this young team and the new head coach.   The wins and losses of this team are of no consequence, because no matter what happens this season, these young men and their coaches will add to the lore of Mt. Carmel football.  John Darrah and his assistants have instilled in these individuals what it is to be a Mount Carmel Football player and captured the essence of our community and the work ethic of the Coal Region.

Last night was the first MCA Supper Club of the season at Mattucci’s restaurant here in Mt. Carmel.  Many of the usual suspects were at this dinner hosting and encouraging the team captains and cheerleaders to do well.  These supporters included folks such as Warren Altomore, Jose Gonzalo, Phil Gergen, Greg Sacavage and many other friends and family.  Each of these persons and the setting itself emanates of what it means to be Mt. Carmel Football.  Traditions like Supper Club passed down from one generation to the next assuring the essence of our community lives on in future generations.

Our team may be small in numbers this year but each and every one of these players are parts of the whole, and as a team bring to the field a unique identity.  The identity was created over generations steeped in the Anthracite Coal Region and local football lore.  These boys will remain lifelong friends all branded through a generational ethic passed on from Coal Region families who worked hard and played hard.

When Coach Darrah takes the field tonight with his assistant coaches and this team they will become part of the legend known as Mt accutane capsules online. Carmel Football.  Regardless of this seasons outcome each and every member of the Mt. Carmel Area Football team will be part of this legend bonded through a camaraderie and friendship forged in the battles on the gird iron they will face together this season.

Although our program may not have the numbers these thirty or so men still represent the essence of what it means to be Mt. Carmel Football.  With the dedication of these players to the football program this year the principles and ideals of the States Winningest Football program continues to exist and live on.

Go Big Red!



Author: Steve Bartos

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