Saturday, February 23, 2019
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About Barty’s Bits

Welcome to my blog!  Let me help you become the “Entrepreneur of Your Own Life” providing you with expert advice on a variety of topics that you can use towards your personal development and business pursuits.

Allow me to enlighten you with the personal stories of other entrepreneurs just like yourself who overcame barriers and obstacles to become the “Entrepreneur of Their Own Life.”

So, no matter what your chosen profession, level of expertise, or skillset if you aspire to be the best you can then take the journey with my guests as they impart lessons learned and pearls of wisdom that led to their success.

Barty’s Bits will keep you informed on a variety of topics and raise your awareness about subjects that impact your daily life.  More importantly, I hope it encourages you to rethink your own life pursuits in a manner that will inspire you to combine your greatest passions with your career goals while approaching every day in a positive and productive way.

The Author

A good portion of my early professional career was spent working at the United States Department of Energy (DOE).  My time spent at DOE included stints as the Head Of Delegation to Russia for business negotiations for the purchase of highly enriched uranium, representing the United States government in Vienna at the International Atomic Energy Agency , and serving as a delegate to the United Nations in Geneva on the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.  During my tenure at DOE, I had the unique opportunity to work with a diverse group of leaders who helped to shape my early career, formulate my problem-solving skills, and encourage me to reach beyond my comfort level.

Later I had the opportunity to work for the Pennsylvania Democratic Caucus and Rep. Bob Belfanti a 30 year veteran of the Pennsylvania Legislature.  Recognizing that I had an entrepreneurial spirit and through the mentoring and financial assistance of Dr. Richard Caruso I left government employment as my interests turned more towards my own expertise in environmental protection; projects that focused on stewardship of our planet; sustainable economic development; and renewable energy.  These pursuits led to a variety of business opportunities that also paralleled my mentor’s interests, and my own personal and professional goals of being self-reliant and financially independent.

Ultimately my career path and those who have mentored me has led to the realization that my greatest desire rests in a life of an entrepreneur.  Whether I am pursuing my own business goals or helping others realize their objectives my single focus has always been about self-improvement and empowering others to achieve their life’s dreams.  Thanks to the many professional interactions and opportunities that were presented to me over the course of my lifetime I have learned to recognize that everyone must come to understand themselves and find out what passion will drive them to excellence in their own life pursuits.

My goal now is to pay these experiences forward helping other entrepreneurial spirits achieve their personal and professional aspirations.